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Value network
value network
Systems Thinking - Value Networks
Value networks are a graphical way of showing how value flows around a system. The system could be as large as an industry, all the way down to the connections within a department. The value network is drawn with the individual units within the system as nodes and the flow of value as links. This flow can be hard (e.g. a physical delivery of equipment) or soft (e.g. information or influence, often represented by a dotted line in the diagram). The concept of the value network is closely linked to the value chain, a process flow concept that describes the end to end route of value creation in a process.
Systems Thinking - Feedback Loops
Causal Loop Diagramming (CLD) or Feedback Loop diagramming provides a way of drawing and analysing the impact of different variables of systems on each other. More details are in the tools page. Links to Systems Thinking websites are on the Links page. Also look at the books section.