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Process Improvement Software

There are many different applications that support different areas of process improvement. Here are summaries of a few software solutions.

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i-nexus captures and integrates a business strategy and plans. The business strategies, objectives and metrics are defined and integrated, and can be reported on directly or through workflow reporting. Projects and programmes can be managed using project management tools, and then aligned to the business objectives to identify key links and gaps.
Metastorm Provision
Provision is an enterprise architecture modelling product that captures and integrates all of a businesses designed architectures. For example it models strategies, goals, organisations, processes, projects and plans, and systems. Various modeller panes allow these different architecture types to be linked. For example processes swimlaned to roles, metrics linked to objectives, and plans linked to strategies.
Lombardi Blueprint
Blueprint is a hosted process mapping package that enables the design and visualisation of business processes. Inputs outputs, owners and documents etc can be associated with processes, at a reasonably basic level
Lombardi Teamworks
Teamworks is a BPM toolset that enables the design and implementation of processes within an organisation.
Nimbus Control
Control is a process mapping and modelling software package that enables documentation of process models and maps. Processes can be resourced and costed, and linked to documents, controls and external performance data for traffic light type performance review. There is a user web based front end as well as the server design portal.
Metastorm BPM
Metastorm BPM enables teams to design and implement new processes. Processes can be simulated and then implemented with actions and activities passed and tracked through MS Outlook. Performance reports can be generated from real operational data monitored by BPM, to enable review and improvement to process performance