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Bain's RAPID framework

Bain has developed a framework that is similar to the RACI model, which is used to assist decision making, and can be applied to process ownership and deployment.

RAPID is an acronym:

  • Recommend - these people are responsible for building a case and making recommendations or proposals. They get information from input provideers and negotiate with Agree people
  • Agree - these people have to agree with proposals, and negotiate modifications with the Recommend person. They can veto the Recommend person escalating unresolved issues to the Decide person
  • Perform - theses people will perform the recommendation, executing changes, or delivering changed processes
  • Input - these people provide input to the recommendations including facts and information that informs the proposal's viability and risks
  • Decide - this is the executive who is accountable. This person resolves escalations and makes the final commitment to changes

Applying this to process management and change could result in the executive process owner being the D, The process manager being the R, key process stakeholders, including sub process managers, customers and suppliers etc being A, the people who deliver the process being P and business process analysts, customers, key process operators etc being the I. If these roles are clearly assigned in the early stages of a business process change or design the clarity will improve the speed and success of resulting proposals.