TP ThinkingProcess

Improvement tools


General Tools

General Tools

A suite of general improvement tools

MAAR Charting

A simple tool for managing processes within teams

The Johari Window

The things we know we know ...

Activity Types

Types of process and activities explained

Process Modelling and Mapping Standards

There are many different standards for different types of mapping and modelling. Find a summary of the key ones here

Fishbone Diagram

A tool for brainstorming and categorising causes of a problem to be fixed

Bain's RAPID framework

A model similar to the RACI developed by Bain for clarifying organisational responsibilities for involvement in change (or process)

Finding Cost Framework

This framework can be used with brainstorming or analysis to identify costs that can be removed from the business

Causal Loop Diagramming

Causal Loops are a tool for showing and understanding the interactions of variables in a system. They include feedback loops, which are a key aspect of systems thinking