TP ThinkingProcess

The ThinkingProcess Lifecycle

A deployment of process in an organisation will get significant benefits if it is an integrated programme covering all areas required to embed benefits and capabilities, aligning them strategically. Considering all areas of an integrated programme will:

  • maintain strategic alignment of the programme with business objectives
  • develop a balance of short term benefit delivery and longer term capability
  • ensure that the business is ready to accept, integrate and enhance changes
  • identify risks through tools such as maturity models that can be managed to optimise results

The ThinkingProcess lifecycle provides this integration shown below. Click here for the full lifecycle model and links to the different sections

deployment Deployment is the overall programme management of your process initiative covering:
  • Overall programme sponsorship, and strategic steering
  • Development of peoples roles and skills through the different phases of the lifecycle
  • Development of culture and communications to embed process into the DNA of the organisation
  • Implementation and use of maturity models and benchmarking
  • Deployment of technology to capture and manage the programme elements

strategy Strategy is the development of the corporate and strategic context of the programme that provides the objectives and priorities for business improvement. Areas include:
  • Development of goals and strategic objectives
  • Development of KPIs and scrorecards that provide lead and lag indicators of performance
  • Definition and integration of business structures, particularly corporate level process models, and their integration with organisation ownership

improvement Improvement is the management and delivery of a focused and aligned portfolio of improvement projects, focused on identifying, improving and embedding prioritised process improvement across the business. Improvement includes:
  • Programme and portfolio management
  • Project methodologies
  • Project management
  • Process improvement tools
  • Business change

operation  Operations is the integration of process orientation into the business as usual operating environment and culture of the business to achieve sustained process excellence. Success requires a focus on:
  • Customer focus
  • Process Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Centres of Process Excellence